Making Homes Great Again… One Window at a Time!”

Your home is anywhere you make it.  It’s your home base for family celebrations and dinners, a teenage hangout, and your sanctuary from the constant motion of everyday life.  Chances are you’ve spent years turning it into your own utopia; showcasing your interior design talent while creating a welcoming environment for anyone who walks through your doors.  Maybe you added new carpet, or remodeled a kitchen.  Perhaps you’ve changed color schemes over the years, turned a guest room into a nursery or a teen’s room into a den.  Everything you’ve done has been done with love and dedication in order to make your home the best it can be.

At Shades on Wheels, our goal is to help owners complete their home’s interior appeal with the finishing touch of elegant window treatments.  You’ve worked hard to turn your house into a home; now it’s time to make it great.  Sophisticated plantation shutters add style and elegance, as do draperies.  Shades and blinds compliment any style of interior décor with a variety of colors and material.  Window treatments turn your home into a polished retreat with a finished feel.    Let our experts help you transform your home into the glory it deserves.  Shades on Wheels is making homes great again; one window at a time.

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